What’s working in a Welsh outbound call centre really like?

We often get asked what it’s like working in an outbound call centre. To find out, we gave the task to two of our journalists to discover exactly what it’s like.

You might be surprised!

Modern call centres often have a poor image, yet our journalists discover a work hard environment, with good rewards for those who put a shift in!

The truth of outbound call centre life

Behind the negatives stories, there’s actually a high level of satisfaction to telemarketing.

Many employees of call centres know a secret that many people don’t. It’s an internal secret that many people outside the industry don’t know.

Many telesales employees actually like their work

There’s not boredom in the role, and they typically don’t mind angry customers. To them, each angry customer is outweighed by many happy ones who have helped them earn valuable commission and salary!

Julie Harris, a worker in Swansea says: “Calling the Account Managers to tell them about a lead is like telling a child that tomorrow is Christmas Day,”.

Speaking to multiple staff from a range of backgrounds makes Julie feel valued. She has also built a strong set of sales skills, that have served her career well. Good telemarketing staff who have the skills can earn quite healthy salaries, boosted by
the sale commissions they make. This is in contrast to the salary levels that many outside the world of call centres believe can be earned.

Sales agent Daniel Jones, 24 find this personal interests help him massively at his telesales role in Cardiff, South Wales. He appreciates the level of support he gets from his employer too.

“I’m interested in sales and in this job I talk people through the details of products and comparisons that can be made. I’ve earned great money, and always feel like a valued member of the team.”

Creating a good atmosphere helps hugely, with managers constantly using games and rewards to help push the sales floor along.

“I really enjoy the competitive side of my job. Being in sales means the rewards and bonuses are very good,” says Nick.

“This is the first call centre job I’ve ever had and before I started I thought I would hate it. But it’s enjoyable.”

Before starting his role, Daniel believed that sales might be a harsh industry, where he would be constantly pushed to achieve difficult targets.

“In reality, there is more than enough support to help you achieve your targets – it’s actually quite a chilled place to work.”

The downsides

As with any industry, there are downsides to call centre life. Many staff cite dealing with angry customers as a constant issue.

“Many customer complaints are down to their issues, rather than the company. For this reason I try not to get too annoyed about it as it’s not my problem”.

But Most Clients Love a Good Chat

Outbound sales work is all about good communication, talking to a wide range of people can be hugely satisfying. Ultimately, it’s the happy customers who make the day go with a swing.

“It’s a mixture of happy clients and our staff morale that helps the day go quickly and happily” says Julie.

Some agent even manage to find romantic relationships in call centres. Daniel managed to discover his current girlfriend in a call centre in Newport.

The open plan nature of call centres, makes it easy for a member of staff to build strong friendships that ultimately may lead to meeting that special someone.

The Gossip

As with all offices, there’s always a supply of anecdotes and stories for call centre workers to share. This helps to boost team morale and provide a common cause amongst the staff.

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