Cardiff Airport calls for APD to be devolved to Wales

Ahead of a report into Air Passenger Duty by the Welsh Affairs Committee, Cardiff Airport has called once again for the duty to be scrapped.

Wales largest passengers airport believes that the devolution of APD in Wales could offer an opportunity to assist the airport and the region it serves. Supporting the UK wide aviation strategy without impacting airports in the rest of the UK.

Cardiff Airport

If APD was devolved to the Welsh Assembly, it would not impact the airport directly; however, the Assembly would be able to set levels itself.

Any devolution of APD in Wales would potentially benefit Cardiff Airport by:

  • Stimulating airline interest
  • Improving route viability
  • Improving the opportunity for airline growth
  • Increasing airport passenger numbers
  • Improving airport profitability
  • Customers will benefit by;

In addition, it would benefit the Welsh region by:

  • Stimulating economic growth
  • Supporting the aspirations for a ‘Western Powerhouse’
  • Adding trade links
  • Stimulating inbound tourism

Deb Barber, CEO at Cardiff Airport said, “Cardiff Airport believes that the modification of APD offers a significant opportunity to create value for both the Airport and region supporting an integrated UK aviation strategy. With Brexit on the horizon, the UK should seize the opportunity and take forward solutions to be more competitive, stimulate investment and encourage global connectivity.

“Devolution allows the Welsh Government the discretion to set levels appropriately for Wales. It is the subsequent reduction or abolishment of APD, which would positively affect Cardiff Airport by stimulating airline activity resulting in more passengers and business growth. This supports aspirations for a ‘Western Powerhouse’ and an integrated UK Aviation Strategy.”

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